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Senegal Travel - Senegal vacation - Senegal trip

Senegal Travel - Senegal vacation - Senegal trip

Chinguitty voyages - Tour Operator  for organizing trips and vacations in Mauritania and Senegal

Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***

Travel Mauritania - vacation Mauritania - desert trip
Senegal Travel - Senegal vacation - Senegal trip

Senegal Travel - Senegal vacation - Senegal trip

Senegal Travel - Senegal vacation - Senegal trip







Senegal Travel - Senegal vacation - Senegal trip

Adrar and Arguin basin in 4X4

Desert and ocean(11days)

Panorama of Senegal(8days)

Trip Senegal and Mauritania(8days)

Desert and natural parks(5days)

Business trips in Mauritania

2-Wonders of desert

3-Chinguetti and beauty of Adrar

4-The desert crocodiles

5-Adrar and Tagant in 4X4

6-Discovering Mauritania

7-Hunting trip

8-Fishing trip

Trip under your request

Hotels in Nouakchott

Hotels in Mauritania cities

Album of photos

All about Mauritania

Offer special for the traveling agencies

Transportion Means

Mauritanian Embassies

Get to know our culture

Travel Mauritania  vacation Mauritania  desert trip





Desert and ocean

Discover the ancient cities, the beautiful oases, the charming desert in Mauritania and other normal and special places

 Discover new cultures and appreciate unique and magic experiment

Do not hesitate, take part in this program and appreciate your voyage of life

 9 Days/9 nights full pension

Course: 2230 km

Validity: From October to April

Strong times

• The Arguin basin : National park since 1976, classified world inheritance of humanity by UNESCO mainly because of its role of fish pond and nurseries for any kind of fish, the bench of Arguin, the largest coastal park of Africa, is an ornithological reserve of a surface of 120 km2 distributed equitably between sea and ground. Sanctuary protected from million migratory birds, water birds (45 000 couples: Pelicans, Spatulas, Cormorants, Flemings, Pinks, Hérons, Aigrelles etc); more than 2 million birds of shores (Courbis, Barges, Sandpipers, Plovers etc; greater world concentration of seals monks persecuted since the 15th century (500 individuals in the white Cape, only group being adapted to tropical water); Refuge for the marine tortoises, the Cetacea. It is also the field of the small fauna: gilded jackal, gerbil, hyena striped etc

 • Island of Tidra: It was the cradle and the starting point of the Almoravide conquest.

• Visit of the islands nurseries of the birds on board veil dugouts

 • Anthropological Curiosity with the 7 villages of the community of alive the Imraguens fishermen on the bench of Arguin since unmemorable times (in the process of disappearance) which operate with the assistance of the dolphins pickups. The largest village is that of Nouamghar.

 • The monolith of Ben Amera: black granite monolith, 400 m the height, largest of Africa and a second in the world after that of Ayers Rock'n'roll in Australia

 • Chinguitty: It was founded into 660 of Hégire (13th century). 7th holy place of Islam and classified world inheritance of humanity, the city of Chinguitty was a cultural and religious headlight important and a high place of meeting of the West Africans pilgrims in departure for Mecque. Today still, it preserves in its libraries and museum rich in manuscripts and writings, of rare testimonies of the spiritual radiation of the city. It played also a very dominating economic part (relay caravaneer for the Trans-Saharan trade).

 • Ouadane: City founded with 12th and which counted 40 scientists per street, today it remains only some ruins of its prestigious mosque, of its library which jealously safeguard part of its inheritance. Ouadane was used as Portuguese commercial counter in 1487. It was the first city to introduce the date palm in Mauritania.

 • Guelb Richat: a crater 40 km in diameter made up of concentric circles. It was believed a long time that it was about a crater formed by the fall of a meteorite; in fact, it is the result of a fallen through volcano not having succeeded in boring the earth's crust.

• Beautiful beaches of Nouakchott.


1-arrival Nouakchott - Nouamghar - Iwik

Airport pickup and transfer to hotel. Departure for the Bench of Arguin in 4x4, while passing by the villages of fishers Nouamghar and Iwik, the Bench of Arguin one of the principal natural reserves of the world with regard to the migratory birds. It extends on approximately 200 km from coasts and includes/understands many islands, night in inn under the tent Moors in Iwik. (Breakfast - lunch - dinner)

2-Iwik – Island Tidra – Iwik

 Sea transport on board Tamnant “buffet” to discovered small islands and migratory birds, Return to the camp at 4 p.m., harms in inn under the tent Moors in Iwik. (Breakfast - lunch - dinner).

3– Iwik - Cape Tafarit – Nouadhibou

 Departure for Nouadhibou, the second city in importance of Mauritania, where the trade of products fishery and mine prevails. We visit the Cape Blanc, an extension of the Park of the Bench of Arguin where a colony of a threatened species saw: the seals monks. Night in hotel. (Breakfast - lunch - dinner).

4-Nouadhibou- Ben Amera

 Departure for Ben Amera Monolith of 400 m height black granite one second in the world after that of Ayers Rock'n'roll in Australia, visits the “Train of the Desert”, the heaviest train and longest of the world (more than 2 km) which transports the iron ores of Zouerate to the port of Nouadhibou. camping with tents Moors. (Breakfast - lunch - dinner).

5-Ben Amera - Aicha - Zouerate

Departure for Zouerate, visit monolith Baited in the middle of a scenario of the sculptures in sport realized by artists of the whole world as well as cave paintings. Rise towards Zouerate while following the track length the railroad. Visit the mountain of bottle pincers, Kédia d' Idjil. Visit open-cast mines of SNIM (National Company Industrial and Mining) and Museum of Anthropology and Geology. Night in hotel. (Breakfast - lunch - dinner).

6-Zouerate - Tourine - Desert of Maqtair

 Departure to the beautiful dunes of Tourine, one of most suggestive and beautiful zones of the country. Here really one breathes the Infinite one, the Unreal one, the adventure. Long peak NIC road. At evening camping with tents Moors. night under beautiful stars. (Breakfast - lunch - dinner).

 7- Tourine – Ouadane

 Departure towards Ouadane, phantom and extended city of ruins, the stones of the blazing reflections cover the hillock for 2 kilometers in length and 150 meters in height. Visit the museum, which illustrates the highly glorious past this country. Night in an inn (Breakfast - lunch - dinner).

 8- Ouadane - Tenouchert- Chinguitty

Departure for Chinguitty, visit Tenouchert oasis, Chinguitty the 7th Holy City of Islam, declared inheritance of humanity by UNESCO. Visit the libraries, the mosque, and local market. Night in an inn. (Breakfast - lunch - dinner).

9- Chinguitty - Nouakchott – departure

Return to Nouakchott pass from there by passage Ould Ebnou and the town of Atar, lunch in hotel has Nouakchott, visits the beach of sinners and walk room departure the evening.

Technical Information:

The arrival point in this program is: Nouakchott

The departure point in this program is: Nouakchott

To travel to Mauritania for this program you can travel through the following airline agencies:

Air France , www.airfrance.com

Royal Air Maroc , www.royalairmaroc.com

Air Senegal , http://www.air-senegal-international.com

Tunis air , www.tunisair.com - Air Mauritanie , www.airmauritanie.mr -  - Air Algérie , www.airalgerie.dz

9 days/9 nights - Full Pension

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 Our price includes:

· Transfers airport-hotel-airport
· Accommodation
· Breakfast, lunch and dinner (not including alcoholic beverages)
· Transportation in a 4x4 cars
· English-/French-speaking accompanying guide
· Food
. Local assistance

Not include:

· Air ticket (check best offer)
· Travel insurance
· Vaccination
· Tip
· Any other unspecified costs

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For a personalized estimate:

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3-Requested tour.

4-Date and duration of the trip

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- Trekking with feet
- Tour on the back of camels

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Adrar and Arguin basin in 4X4(8days)

Desert and ocean(11days)

Panorama of Senegal(8days)

Trip Senegal and Mauritania(8days)

Desert and natural parks(5days)

Business trips in Mauritania

Wonders of desert(8days)

Chinguetti and beauty of Adrar(8days)

The desert crocodiles(5days)

Adrar and Tagant in 4X4(15days)

Discovering Mauritania(26days)

Hunting trip(8days)

Fishing trip(8days)

Trip under your request

Hotels in Nouakchott

Hotels in Mauritania cities

Album of photos

Offer special for the traveling agencies

Transportion Means

Mauritanian Embassies

Get to know our culture

All about Mauritania



Culture and the arts

Kiffa beads in Mauritania

The craft industry

History 1960 - 2004

Adrar and Tagant regions

The Arguin reef

Ancient cities

Train of the desert

The south west

Road of hope

The river region


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 Circuits et vacances en Mauritanie

Trips and vacations in Mauritania

رحلات الصيد البرى والسياحة في موريتانيا

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