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Adrar and Arguin basin in 4X4

Desert and ocean(11days)

Panorama of Senegal(8days)

Trip Senegal and Mauritania(8days)

Desert and natural parks(5days)

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2-Wonders of desert

3-Chinguetti and beauty of Adrar

4-The desert crocodiles

5-Adrar and Tagant in 4X4

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History 1960 - 2004

November 28, 1960, Independence is proclaimed in a hangar in Nouakchott in the presence of French the Prime Minister Michel Debré and some French-speaking heads of state.

The proclamation of the Independence of Mauritania accelerated the destabilization attemps carried out by Morocco. Mali of Modibo Keita aligns itself on the Moroccan positions. August 26, 1961, an armed group attacks a garrison with Néma and resulting in several deaths.

The Prime Minister Mokhtar Ould Daddah is elected President of the Republic in August 1961. Thanks to an active diplomacy, Mauritania affirms itself gradually on the international scene. It enters to the United Nations on October 27, 1961 in spite of the hostilities from Morocco. The actual beginning of the exploitation of the iron mines in December 1963 brought a wave of renewal to the new state.

The promulgation, January 12th 1966 of decrees making compulsory bilingualism (French and Arabic) in schools causes a tension, which leads to racial confrontations in February 1966 in Nouakchott. But they are quickly controlled and the reform is maintained. August 7, 1966, Mokhtar Ould Daddah is re-elected in elections where he was the only candidate. Morocco recognized Mauritania by in 1969, and they signed a treaty of solidarity, good neighbourliness and co-operation for twenty years. Diplomatic relations were established on June 8 1970.

From within the country problems erupt after the events of Zouerate in May 1968. The dispute spreads and extends to many sectors: students, school, working, teaching, and trade unions. This contestation which, originated from syndicates sources was primarily fuelled by the Kadihines movement, a Movement of Marxist then Maoist obedience’s. It will know a great vigour from 1970 linking under the same banner Arabs and Negro-Africans whom were previously divided by quarrels around the Arabic language becoming the official language of the country.

In February 1971, George Pompidou pays an official visit to Mauritania.

The years 1971, 1972, 1973 were also quite agitated. The disputes touched most of students, school youth and the elite as well as the trade-union world. Moreover other groups of young people of obedience baathists, nasserites were created.

With the creation of the currency (29 juin1973) and especially the nationalization of the MIFERMA (November 1974) the movement of opposition animated by Kadihines runs out of breath. In 1975 significant figures of this dispute joined the party in power, the PPM. This tendency crystallizes with the participation of the youth of opposition to the Congress of the Youth of the PPM in August 1977. At the same time, certain or not recognized clandestine organizations began to dissolved beginning in 1975 like the General Union of the Students and Trainees, (UGESM), the PKM (The party of the Kadihines of Mauritania); The organization of the Kadihines, Sayhat Al Madhloum had ceased appearing. Only, a marginal dispute remained then.

On the diplomatic level and since 1970, the question of the Western Sahara is put at the foreground of the concerns in the under region (Summit of Nouadhibou between Mokhtar Ould Daddah, Hassan II and Boumediene). Ould Daddah became active on the external level. Very appreciated by his peers, he is elected President of the OAU on August 9, 1971. On mars 11th 1972, Mauritania created with Senegal and Mali, the OMVS (Organization for the Development of Senegal). December 4th, 1973, Mauritania adheres to the League of Arab States.

In 1974, the International Court of La Hague seizes control of the Western Sahara dossier. Mauritania. A secret agreement between Morocco and Mauritania is carried out about Western Sahara. June 11th, 1975, president Mokhtar Ould Daddah visits Algerian president Houari Boumediene in Hassan II to try to find a global agreement. Meanwhile, the Liberation Fronts Saguiet Al Hamra and Rio de Oro (Front PLISARIO), created in 1973 by Sahraouis young people began attacks against the Spaniards.

November 14, 1975 the Agreement of Madrid is signed. It anticipates the withdrawal of the Spanish troops from Western Sahara, and the dividing of the territory between Morocco and Mauritania. Algeria isolated of the negotiations Morocco-Mauritanian and being wary of her Moroccan neighbour gives an increasingly active support to the POLISARIO. Well armed, the POLISARIO multiplied the attacks beginning December 1975 against the Mauritanians and Moroccan forces. The Mauritanian army takes possession of Dakhla in January 1976. This embryonic army in 1975 was reinforced considerably but did not manage to control a large territory, which became larger with the occupation of the Sahara.

The ore transporting train, economic pillar of the economy is attacked regularly. Raids are organized against the cities of Zouerate, Chinguetti, Tidjikja, Tichitt and two against Nouakchott in 1976 and 1977. The French air support (Lamartin operation) from December 1977 cannot prevent the continuation of a conflict, which stagnates. The Mauritanian army itself is mined by the demoralization of some of its heads and by the ambition of others.

FROM 1978 A 1991

July 10, 1978, the President Mokhtar ould Daddah is reversed by a military “coup d'etat” stirred up by several officers who put in power the lieutenant colonel Moustapha Ould Mohamed Saleck. A Military Committee of National Reformation assumes all powers. He manages to obtain a cease-fire with the POLISARIO. The new nasty leaders are destabilized because of their inexperience, of the internal quarrels and the hostility of France.

April 6, 1979, a “pronunciamiento” brings the Lieutenant-colonel Ahmed ould Bouceif to the head of the Government. A Military Committee for National Safety is set up. A new political reorientation is initiated. But Colonel Bouceif disappears little afterwards in an air crash off Dakar on May 31, 1979. Colonel Haidalla takes the head of the military junta on June 2. Colonel Ould Mohamed Saleck is removed from his functions and is replaced by Colonel Louly, as honorary President of the CMSN. Backed by left-wing political groups and from the pro-Polisario, he signs a cease-fire on August 5, 1979 with the Polisario in Algiers and then withdraws from Western Sahara. Morocco occupies from now on the totality of the Sahara. January 4, 1980, colonel Haidalla takes over all powers.

Between 1979 and 1984 several putsch attempts are thwarted. The most spectacular is held on March 16, 1981. Colonels Bah Ould Abdel Kader and Ahmed Salem Ould Sidi try to seize power. It was a failure. They are arrested the same day and killed after summary court proceedings. Gradually, the Haidalla regime become isolated and fills the prisons from opponents. The opposition mainly animated by the AMD (Alliance for Democratic Mauritania) is extended to several groups: Baathists, pro-Libyans…

December 12, 1984, colonel Maaouiya Ould Sid Ahmed Taya takes reins of power after a non-violent “coup d'etat”. The policy of the new head of state results in the emergence of a beginning of democracy. Local elections are organized in the thirteen regional capitals in 1986 then in 1988 in the rural moughataa and hundred sixty-four rural communes. It is a first in the history of the country. At the same time reforms liberalize the economy and relations are re-established with the institutions of Bretton Wood. The growth of the economy begins again gradually.

In 1989, terrible confrontations oppose Mauritanians and Senegalese and made many victims on both sides. The tension between the two countries had persisted for a certain while, fuelled by the agitation of activists Poulars Mauritanians following the failure of the attempted “coup d'etat” of October 1987. This “coup” prepared by Negro African soldiers is discovered of in time, leading to the arrests of individuals and poulars military. The authorities begin to dismantle the networks of supports for the putschists. This led to many arrests, even with exactions in an atmosphere of sharp ethnic tensions.

An active anti-Mauritanian campaign in the Senegal press added to the action of activists of Flam revived the tension and brought about the events of April 1989. Thousands of shops belonging to Mauritanians are plundered in Senegal, their owners pursued. Hunting for Maures in Senegal and also the Senegalese who suffered similar treatments in Mauritania caused many victims. The Mauritanians and the Senegalese’s were repatriated on each their respective side of the border. Following in these steps and ensuing from the tensions hundreds of Mauritanians Negro-Africans are deported on the other side of the border.

Diplomatic relations were broken between Senegal and Mauritania, in August. The very high tensions in 1989 and 1990 started to drop since 1991 to lead to the resuming of the relation’s en1992 and the reopening of the border on May 2 of the same year.

HISTORY 1991-2004

From 1991, following the example of others in Africa, Mauritania engages in a process of democratization. A constitution is approved by referendum on July 12, 1991.
The first presidential elections, held on January 24 1992 give the victory to Maaouya Ould Sid ` Ahmed Taya with more than 62% of the votes, after an active and animated election campaign. The principal candidate of the opposition, Ahmed Ould Daddah claims there was fraud but observers confirm the reliabilty of the vote. Its party, UDF- è nouvelle (new era) calls for the boycott of the following legislative elections.

The democratic process is reinforced by the election of sixty nineteen deputies and fifty-six senators giving a crushing majority to the PRDS. On April 18th the CMSN is dissolves and Sidi Mohamed Ould Boubacar is named Prime Minister.

From now on the country engages in a relative stability. The relations with France tend towards normalization with the official visit of President Taya to this country as from December 13, 1993.
Reforms undertaken and the increasingly present support from the World Bank and the Monetary Funds give again the economy a renewal of vitality. This expansion touches the sectors of hydraulics, energy, roads, telecommunications, etc…

This reorganization of the economy is accompanied by a devaluation of the Ouguiyas, which affects the popular classes (Middle class). January 22, 1995, the rise of the bread prices causes some disorders in Nouakchott. The situation is however quickly controlled and the Government multiplies measures to monitor the market.

In November 1995, Mauritania participates as observer in the euro-mediterranean Conference in Barcelona.

January 2, 1996, Sheik El Avia Ould Mohamed khouna becomes Prime Minister. The PRDS wins the legislative elections of October. On February 28, 1997, the parties of opposition, the new UFD-è nouvelle and AC create a common front.

From September 5th to the 7th, President Chirac pays an official visit in Mauritania. He goes to Nouakchott and Atar.

The parties of opposition decide not to take part in the presidential elections of December 1997. Maaouya is elected with 90,25% of the voices. Mohamed Lemine Ould Guig is named Prime Minister.

July 7th, 1999, the captain Ely Ould Dah is arrested and is put in examination by the French justice. Mauritania ends the military co-operation with Paris and set up a visa of entry for the French.

June 7, 2000, the tension erupts between Mauritania and Senegal about the Senegalese project of the "fossil Valleys". After the abandonment of this project and the visit of President Wade in Nouakchott, relations are resumed.

October 28, the authorities dissolve the new UFD- è nouvelle.
On July 11, 2001 “Le rassemblement des Forces Démocratiques” (Consolidation of the Democratic Forces) is created by the militants of the ex UFD.
On 27 0ctobre the PRDS wins easily the legislative and municipal elections but loses some municipal elections in Nouakchott. The secretary-general of the PRDS, Mohamed Yehdhih ould Moctar El Hacen is removed and replaced by Louleid Ould Weddad on October 31.

On the diplomatic level, Mauritania, after being isolated from the Western world in 1991 for its supposed sympathy for Saddam Hussein at the time of the war of the Gulf, Initiated a realignment of its foreign policies. It establishes diplomatic relations with Israel in October 1999. That created some reactions from certain sectors of the public opinion and from certain Arab leaders. The relations with Iraq worsen and lead to the closing of the Iraqi Embassy in November 1999. At the same time, the relations were heated with the United States.

The Mauritanians and French contact is resumed from June 2001. Several French high officials visit Mauritania in 2001,2002 and 2003.

The attempt at a “coup d'etat” on June 8, 2003, although quickly controlled, somewhat damages the established reputation of the stability of the country. However, things quickly return to normal, showing the completely marginal character of the attempt which profited from no interior support. President Taya benefits, then, from the support of countries like France, Spain, Senegal, and Mali, which send their Foreign Ministers and the King of Morocco and the Emir of Qatar to visits.

Presidential elections were on November 7, 2003 with three candidates of the opposition, Mohamed Khouna Ould Haidalla, Ahmed Ould Daddah, Messaoud Ould Belkheir. Maaouya Ould Sid' Ahmed Taya wan the election at the first turn with 67% of the votes.

This rather hard campaign is held on with a backgroung of tensions. The candidate of the opposition Mohamed Khouna Ould Haidalla was questioned and released is arrested after the election with his two sons and the some known members of his staff like Ismael Ould Amar, Haba Ould Mohamed Vall and Sheik Ould Horma Ould Babana. Accused of an attempt at destabilsation, they are brought into justice. The court condemned them with a suspended sentence on December 28th.

The senatorial elections proceed on April 9 for the renewal of the third of the Senate. Over 18 seats in competition, the PRDS gains 14 of them on the first vote, the RDU 1, the APP 2. The 2nd vote, held on April 16 gives the elects to office Maktaa Lahjar of the PRDS against the UFP.




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Adrar and Arguin basin in 4X4(8days)

Desert and ocean(11days)

Panorama of Senegal(8days)

Trip Senegal and Mauritania(8days)

Desert and natural parks(5days)

Business trips in Mauritania

Wonders of desert(8days)

Chinguetti and beauty of Adrar(8days)

The desert crocodiles(5days)

Adrar and Tagant in 4X4(15days)

Discovering Mauritania(26days)

Hunting trip(8days)

Fishing trip(8days)

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