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Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***

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Adrar and Arguin basin in 4X4

Desert and ocean(11days)

Panorama of Senegal(8days)

Trip Senegal and Mauritania(8days)

Desert and natural parks(5days)

Business trips in Mauritania

2-Wonders of desert

3-Chinguetti and beauty of Adrar

4-The desert crocodiles

5-Adrar and Tagant in 4X4

6-Discovering Mauritania

7-Hunting trip

8-Fishing trip

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The river region

428 km from Nouakchott; 185 km from Aleg; 305 km from Kiffa; 105 km from Boghé.

Kaédi is located on the banks of the Senegal River. Kaédi is an agricultural city and a regional metropolis in full agricultural development. Main Place of Gorgol, Kaédi is a very active frontier town. It is also a large local market of grain and cattle, a zone of contact between stockbreeders and farmers. From this moughataa, you can reach Maghama on the River, Mbout and the great dam of Foum-Gleita. Further north, in a sandy zone, Monguel , is in traditional zone of herding.

A place to visit is the River Central Market.

The city also has a good urban infrastructure, correct hotels and restaurants and an airport served by Air Mauritania.

It is 235 km from Rosso; 71 km from Aleg, 104 km from Kaédi, 325 km from Nouakchott, 370 km from Tidjikja City.
Boghé is located in a zone which is in the midst of rural development planning. It is also a city-stopover at the edge of the river. (If the navigability on the River, Boghé will find its vocation). Currently the Moughataa (Prefecture) has an agricultural and commercial role in the middle of a densely populated zone. Recommended places to visit: the river and itsbanks.

672 km from Nouakchott, Kaédi, 250km, Kiffa, 190 km, Bogué, 340 km
Chief town of Guidimakha, the city suffers from its isolation because it is located in the extreme south of the country and the distances to the large axes. It is the chief town of Guidimakha, the wettest area of the country. Sélibaby is an active city with its agrerian production and the transfers of its many Soninké immigrants who are numerous in France and Central Africa.

The Senegal River is at 40 km.
The small city of Gouraye is at the edge of the River facing Bakel in Senegal. A ferry ensures the connection with other bank. To visit: Gouraye, the River.



All about Mauritania



Culture and the arts

Kiffa beads in Mauritania

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History 1960 - 2004

Adrar and Tagant regions

The Arguin reef

Ancient cities

Train of the desert

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Road of hope

The river region


Album of photos


Adrar and Arguin basin in 4X4(8days)

Desert and ocean(11days)

Panorama of Senegal(8days)

Trip Senegal and Mauritania(8days)

Desert and natural parks(5days)

Business trips in Mauritania

Wonders of desert(8days)

Chinguetti and beauty of Adrar(8days)

The desert crocodiles(5days)

Adrar and Tagant in 4X4(15days)

Discovering Mauritania(26days)

Hunting trip(8days)

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