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Tourism in Mauritania - Vacations in Mauritania - Trips in Mauritania

Chinguitty voyages - Tours and adventures in Mauritania and West Africa

Tourism in Mauritania - Vacations in Mauritania - Trips in Mauritania
  Mauritania Tourism in Mauritania - Vacations in Mauritania - Trips in Mauritania








Trip Mauritania

Desert and ocean(11days)

Wonders of desert

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in Mauritania


 in Mauritania


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‎‎‎ Chinguitty voyages LTD, leader travel agency in Mauritania, West Africa, with more than 13 years of success and experience in the tourism industry, (since 2003)
Local partner in Mauritania for more than 21 foreign companies (Tour operators / travel agencies / other companies) from Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa
Chinguitty voyages LTD Received tourists / clients from more than 50 countries in the world

Chinguitty voyages LTD offer the next services:

*- Vacation and Leisure Travel and Tours for individuals and groups in Mauritania, and Senegal
*- Cars rental and transportation services (4WD cars, 4x4 cars, SUV cars, Sedan cars, minibus, bus, utility cars etc.…)
*- Accommodation and hotel booking in all Mauritania cities ( Nouakchott , Nouadhibou , Rosso , Atar , Zouerate , Chinguitty , Kiffa , Nema ,ect….)
*- Small Aircrafts rental and air charter service in Mauritania
*- Air Tourism in Mauritania
*- Provide Logistics services for the international rallies, tourist groups, and sport events who across Mauritania land.
*- Mobile and fixed camps for tourists and events
*- Catering services for groups and events
*- Organisation of Races, raids events, tourists rallies, sports events and competitions like : 4x4, running tours, hiking, biking, quads, marathons, and half marathons ect…
*- Organization of seminars, events and meetings
*- Translation services for events, seminars, groups, trainings ect..( English , French , Spanish , German , Chinese ,Russian ,Italian , Arabic ect…)
*- Representation of Tour Operators and foreign travel agencies
*- In coming agency in Mauritania, Senegal, and Morocco
*- Business Tours for individuals, companies and "incentives” stays.
*- Government, International organizations, and the diplomatic corps travel services
*- Meet and Greet in Mauritania
*- Receive and handling Cruises tours ships in Nouakchott and Nouadibou ports for shore excursions.

Our Vacations and Leisure tours:

We are experts in desert adventures, 4x4 tours and unusual tours

Mauritania 4x4 adventure / cultural tour in Sahara desert – 8days
(Unique in the world ,4x4 adventure tour and Safaris to discover Desert, Oasis, cultural and historical cities , world heritage sites , Atlantic ocean beach and the national park on it , and more ! )

Mauritania camels riding and trekking tour in Sahara desert – 8days
(Special experience to discover the desert beauty, the nomads of desert, oasis , cultural and historical cities , world heritage sites , and more ! )

Sport fishing tours on the Atlantic Ocean – 8 days
(Sport fishing in one of the richest places in the world for fish, Arguin park beach on the Atlantic ocean, enjoy big captures of rare fishes, guitarfish, shark, croakers, captains, grouper, tuna, sea trout, sea bream and more! )

Tours for Hunting of warthogs and birds – 5days
(Unique experience in Hunting camp in south of Mauritania, in one of the richest areas in warthogs in all Africa, big trophies of warthogs up to more than 30 cm!)

Other tours:

Mauritania 4x4 tour , Adrar and Tagant 14 days
Mauritania hiking tour 9 days
All Mauritania tour 24 days
Mauritania and Senegal tour 9 days
Mauritania and West Sahara tour 8 days
Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia Tour 20 days
Mauritania and Mali tour 14 days
Auto Tours: Self-Drive Road Trips in Mauritania
School tours in Mauritania
Air Tourism in Mauritania desert with small aircraft
Family Adventure Holidays with children in Mauritania
Luxury Travel and stays in Sahara desert in Mauritania
Week-ends tours in Mauritania
Humanitarian and solidarity tours and stays in Mauritania
Volunteer tours and stays in Mauritania
Spiritual tours in Sahara desert in Mauritania
Meditation tours in Sahara desert in Mauritania
Relaxation tours in desert in Mauritania
Off-road tours in Mauritania
Linguistic stay to learn the Arabic language in Mauritania
All-inclusive resorts in Sahara desert in Mauritania
Custom Tours

We also have various other possibilities:

Educational tours and stays in Mauritania, Linguistic stays in Mauritania, Cultural tours in Mauritania, stays to discover the history and geography in Mauritania, musical and artistic stays in Mauritania, Explore Islam and Islamic culture tours in Mauritania , Surf tours on Atlantic ocean in Mauritania , Honeymoons tours in Sahara desert in Mauritania , Weddings tours in Sahara desert in Mauritania , wedding celebration tours in desert in Mauritania , Budget travel tours in Mauritania, , Locally run tours in Mauritania , Overland tours in Mauritania, Small groups tours in Mauritania, Tailor made tours in Mauritania , Unusual tours in Mauritania, Wilderness tours in Mauritania ,Reality Tours .

We in Chinguitty voyages LTD offer our clients the knowledge and the expertise to make their dream vacations a reality!!, and coordinate all aspects of their vacations to make it amusing and unforgettable experience.

Adrar and Arguin basin in 4X4(8days)

Desert and ocean(11days)


Contact us

Chinguitty Voyages
Phone: 00222-22338522
Fax: 00222-45252336
E-Mail: info@chinguitty-voyages.mr

Skype: mauritaniatours

Web Site : http://www.mauritaniatours.com  




Tourism in Mauritania - Vacations in Mauritania - Trips in Mauritania
 Tourism in Mauritania - Vacations in Mauritania - Trips in Mauritania         Tourism in Mauritania - Vacations in Mauritania - Trips in Mauritania

Our Programs:

Adrar and Arguin basin in 4X4

Desert and ocean(11days)

Wonders of desert





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Chinguitty Voyages
Tel: 00222-22338522
Fax: 00222-45252336
E-Mail: info@chinguitty-voyages.mr
Skype: mauritaniatours
Web Site : http://www.mauritaniatours.com 

















































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